In the Beginning


Ted, Laurie and

“J-1 through J-5”
Joe, Josiah, Julian,
Joshua and James

Laurie, my wife, and I have started a new company that we have called Hope Again Homes.

Building our dream…

Those who know us best, know that while we were raising our five young sons, lovingly known by “J-1 through J-5”, we lost our dream home to foreclosure after the loss of Laurie’s full-time career and a fradulent sub-prime lender. Sadly, we became a part of the beginning of the 2008 statistics of thousands of families losing their home to foreclosure.

It was a wonderful home that we built and designed. It gave ample space and a great location for our sons to enjoy and grow with us. We spent many hours designing just the right size, color schemes…perfect! Only to see it all evaporate in 2007. Just three short years after our purchase, in the worst mortgage meltdown our country has seen to date.

We never fully recovered from the hardship of losing 50% of our income overnight, and then learning of the sub-prime lending debacle, starting a recession that would soon grip our entire country. Unfamiliar with what was about to happen, we chose not to stay and see the sheriff sale but rather, moved on to renting and staging of high-end homes. Because of this, it was possible to keep our monthly expenses affordable. 

“Making lemons into lemonade”

Laurie worked hard with five young boys to keep everything “Q-tip clean” and “Realtor Ready” in order that any realtor could call on a moment’s notice and schedule a showing to prospective buyers. Fortunately, we were able to “make lemonade out of lemons.” 

Out of it all came, Hope Again Homes. Our name says it all. Have you lost your dream home and you are still renting? Are you working hard, only to pay your hard earned income to support your landlord’s dream? What if you could actually own again? It is our heart to encourage you and to bring hope as we help YOU to own once again.

We would love to hear from you about your situation and to talk about how we might help you, “Hope Again to Own Again”